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UT BIBLE by ocr*flocutus   UT BIBLE by ocr*flocutus
[-bmb-tekbaron-], 02.04.2010 21:49
Here is some information about what I intended to create here in Q and A-style.

What is this all about?

Well, this is supposed to be something like Thresh´s Quake Bible at Gamers Extreme, for UT and only for duel. The target audience are mediocre players, but maybe even some top players can learn a thing or two. If you are still a bloody newbie you should visit the Playstation2 Unreal Tournament Strategy Guide at first.

Thresh? Gamers Extreme?

Thresh was THE duel god in early Quake1 and Quake2-times and the 1st pro gamer ever. He got famous for winning Carmack´s Ferrari at the Red Annihilation tournament 1997.
Gamers Extreme was a very popular page among U.S.-Quakers and later also among other U.S.-Gamers 2-3 years ago, especially the online forums were very frequented. They also have a nice collection of helpful strategy-guides for different games, including some cool Age of Empires-strats, which helped me to become a top10 player in Germany and of course including Thresh´s Quake Bible, a strategy guide for Quake, which helped me to understand what duelling is really about.

"Thresh`s GX Quake Bible"

So you are the new Thresh?

No, certainly not. I am a well known and respected duel player in Europe, but I am a long shot from being UT´s Thresh, mainly considering my skills. I am more a thinker than a player, my original genre (before Quake1) were real time strategy games. Thresh instead was both a great thinker and a good player. He was always some months ahead in terms of strategy and his aiming was superior. He relied a lot on 1st level prediction, the art to try figuring out where your opponent is and what he is going to do without seeing him. This is exactly my main strength in duels.
Another difference is, that Thresh stopped playing when he knew his time was over, I am not that intelligent (-;

So it`s about UT duel, and which settings exactly?

I can only write about the settings I know and that is
lan environment
gamespeed 100%
gamemode hardcore
timelimit 15-20
fraglimit 0
weaponstay on
no powerups, except boots
no redeemer
everything else enabled

Note, when saying no powerups, I am not referring to the nopowerups mutator from Epic.
Using the usual First Person Shooters definition, powerups in UT are Damage Amplifier, Invisibility and Anti-Grav Boots. Shield is an armor, Vials and Keg are health, so the nopowerups mutator disables a bit too many items to be useful. There are 2 mutators available, that disable Amp and Invis only, those are the ones used on most servers, you can get them here for example.

"all the mutators you need"

Why should you want to give away the "secret of your success"?

Frankly said, I am not the top player I was half a year ago. My opponents didn`t sleep, while I was inactive, so I don`t have much to lose right now. Besides that, I like doing constructive things. The last time I did something like that for the public is already 3 years in the past now and I am not too proud of my first child...
Besides that, imitation is one of the most-used methods to show admiration.

Is it fun asking yourself questions?

Yes, definately (-:
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