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Unreal Tournament
To clarify one point right from the start: all of Unreal Tournament's weapons are new. Some are brand spankin' new and others - weapons that had their origins in Unreal - have returned looking twice as pretty and acting twice as lethal. A good example is the Ripper. Like Unreal's Razorjack, it shoots razors. But the similarities end there - and the same goes for most of the other weapons appearing here. Of course, UT also sports three brand new weapons that have never been seen before: the IMPACT Hammer, the Redeemer, and the Pulse Blaster. The one thing all of these new weapons share is the ability to deliver the most visceral and gut-wrenchingly brutal gameplay.

TranslocatorThis is - perhaps - the niftiest usable item ever to grace a first person shooter. The Translocator is split into two parts: the source module and the destination module. Using it is really very simple: you throw the destination module anywhere you want. Then, you can hit the "use" button on the source module (which is with you at all times) and you instantly transport to the location of the destination. In addition to allowing you access to lots of wacky areas, it also opens up the possibility for the almighty telefrag: throw the destination module into an opponent's hands and teleport in right on top of him or her!
Impact HammerThe Hammer of the Gods has nothing on this bad boy. You can demolish your enemies in one of two ways: either get in close and quash them with repeated strikes of the Hammer's business end, or charge it up and let loose with one, bone-shattering thud.
EnforcerEveryone's favorite automatic handgun is back and even sleeker than before. Choose between standard firing mode and "gangsta" firing mode to take out pretenders to YOUR throne of Championship. If you stumble across two of these bad boys, you're ready for Enforcers akimbo - nothing says "Gottcha!" like two fists of high caliber fire power.
MinigunWhen you look up "Rapid Fire" in the dictionary, you'll probably find a picture of this high-speed little gem. While the Minigun's primary fire is plenty quick enough to take out even a well-armored opponent in only a few seconds, try its secondary fire for an even more violent (if significantly less accurate) attack. If you've got a steady hand, you might even be able to cut someone in half with it! Wow. Technology at work.
ASMD ShockrifleIf you thought the ASMD was fierce in Unreal, wait'll you get a load of the ASMD Shockrifle. As before, it issues forth blasts of unadulterated, pure energy; if anyone is unfortunate enough to get in front of them, they're most likely toast. New to this model of the ASMD is its rapidity - if you get a bead on an opponent with one of these things, they're going to be worm food before you can say "Boo ya!"
Pulse GunBelt-fed plasma rounds never looked like this before! This is the ULTIMATE mid-range battling tool: it's high speed, its rounds are unbelievably powerful, and it's relatively accurate. If you stumble into a room with a handful of enemies battling among themselves, you can clear the whole room with one sweep of this thing. Has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.
RipperYou might remember the Ripper from such incarnations as the Razorjack. But, like all the weapons in Unreal Tournament, it got a shot of steroids and came out looking even more bad bottom. Spewing out razor-filled death has never been this gratifying!
Flak CannonPerhaps the most well-balanced weapon in all of first-person-shooterdom. The portable cannon of fiery flak can be used effectively in both close quarters and long distance. When an enemy's in your face, let loose with the primary fire to riddle his body with countless bits of white hot flak. If, however, you've got a long-distance hate-affair going on, bust out the Flak Cannon's secondary fire to deliver an arched, focused projectile of fragmentary death.
BiorifleToxic green goo is always a great way to make an argument for the end of your enemies' lives. Its primary firing mode isn't accurate to a pin point, but your ammo has residual effects; once the green ammo lands on the area surrounding your enemy, it explodes and can cause significant radius damage. Biorifle's altfire charges up to create a huge globule of toxic waste. When it hits, the globule breaks into 9 smaller blobs which explode when someone approaches them. Now THAT'S entertainment.
Rocket LauncherRocket propelled grenades are always a tasty treat, especially when you're looking to take out someone's knee caps. But you've never seen them - or experienced them - like this before. When you think of purely-visceral, spine-removing rocket blasts, you're thinking of the Rocket Launcher (known long ago as the 8 Ball Gun). When your opponent absolutely, positively has to be blown into a pile of stuff even his dentist won't be able to identify, accept no substitute.
Sniper RifleYa know, it's only natural that - once in a while - you get the urge to hit your nearest bell tower with a high caliber sniper rifle and take out the occasional passerby. Seeking to appease this natural urge, we've endowed Unreal Tournament with probably the coolest sniping rifle ever. Use the primary fire to make un-scoped pot shots at whoever happens to be nearby. Or, use the secondary fire to zoom in on your target...with a little skill, you can take a head clean off with one good shot.
RedeemerThis is the Mother of all rocket launchers. You've got two choices here: you can either "fire and forget" into a roomful of enemies (just make sure you're out of the room when it hits because its enormous splash damage will get you, too) or you can - get this - pilot the rocket to the target of your choice! You heard right: you can fire the rocket and then switch to the projectile's point of view, guiding it through the environment until you find a target suitable for blowing to hell.

Game Modes

Playing team-based or one-one games in Unreal Tournament plays just like the schoolyard games the world has grown up on - except that with Unreal Tournament, players blow up the flag carrier (for example) rather than tackling him or her. Take a look below for the different rules and objectives governing the play of Unreal Tournament's unparalleled offering of games.

Game ModesInfo
Deathmatch / Team DeathmatchWhen people think of online, multiplayer first-person-shooter gaming, this is what most people probably thinking of. It's every man for himself in these non-stop fragfests. He who hits the pre-set frag limit first or who has the most kills at the end of the match wins. For the team-based equivalent, there's Team Deathmatch - two teams in open mayhem, smacking down players on the other team - the team with the most frags wins!
Last Man StandingThis is Deathmatch's 'kissin' cousin. Each player (or team) starts with a certain number; for example, 10. Every time a player is fragged, a number is subtracted from that player's total or the player's team total. When the number eaches "0," the player is out. The last one standing with a number wins.
Capture the Flag (CTF)UT CTF mode recaptures the fun of the classic schoolyard game and reloads it with rocket launchers, miniguns, Flak Cannons and sniper rifles. The concept is simple: the player enters the game as a member of the blue or red team with the mission to capture the opposing team's flag and return it to their own base. Teams must defend their base - and their flag -while other members of the team move out to eliminate opponents and capture the other flag.
Domination (Included in UT for PC & PSX2)A twist on the standard King of the Hill, this mode pits between two and four teams to compete on a map for "Control Points." The objective is to occupy these control points for a set period of time in order to take them over. When wresting control of a Control Point from another team, a player must occupy the spot for 8 seconds. When capturing a neutral Control Point, a player must stay there for 4 seconds. Whoever controls the most Control Points for the most time at the end of the game (or whoever hits the pre-set number of Control Points) wins.
bottomault (Included in UT for PC & PSX2)bottomault is D-Day taken to the extreme. Players join one of two teams -- one team is the Attacker while the other is the Defender. The Attackers have a final objective to strive for, for example, taking out a gun emplacement overlooking a beach, and many smaller objectives to complete in order to reach the final objective, such as opening doors, destroying defensive points, etc. Defenders must stop the attackers from achieving those objectives in any way possible. A timer counts down throughout the game. If the Attackers achieve their objective before the timer reaches 0, they win and the match is restarted with the roles reversed, and the new attackers must achieve the final objective in less time than the first group of attackers. If, on the other hand, the counter reaches 0 and the Attackers haven't achieved their goal, the Defenders win, and the game restarts with the teams swapping sides.
Rocket Arena (Included in GOTY Edition for PC)Players begin with all of the weapons at their disposal, and must learn to use the correct weapon for each situation. Mayhem ensues.
Chaos (Included in GOTY Edition for PC)Broadswords. Spiking enemies with arrows. Mines that chase opponents down. Auto sentry turrets defending areas. Small black holes sucking in enemies. This is ChaosUT.

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