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UT BIBLE by ocr*flocutus   UT BIBLE by ocr*flocutus
[-bmb-tekbaron-], 02.04.2010 21:50
Let´s start with the basics. The most basic thing I can think about is the controller setup. I strongly suggest to use either a mouse/keyboard or a trackball/keyboard combination. Some people are also successful with more exotic setups like a joystick instead of the keyboard or even with controllertypes like the claw or the gauntlet, but the majority uses mouse/keyboard.

How to setup the keys is mostly personal preference. You won´t play as good as a topplayer just by using his configuration. The only things that matter is that you can easily reach every key you need and that you have easy and fast access to every important weapon.

Your mouse sensitivity shouldn´t be less than 8cm/360° turn, but not more than 12cm/360° turn. As a rule of thumb, the lower your sensitivity, the better your aiming with instant hit weapons and the higher your sensitivity the better your aiming with delayed and reflex weapons like rl, flak, bio, ripper and asmd secondary. My sensitivity is around 12cm/360° turn, which is imho the slowest setting that`s still playable.
If you´ve got a PS/2-mouse, I urge you to use PS/2rate for Windows, your movement will get much more precise. And if you´ve got a serial mouse, you should consider buying a PS/2 mouse or better USB, because the serial mouse frequency of 40Hz just sucks compared to USB (125Hz) and PS/2 (200Hz). USB is the best choice, cause you always have 125Hz compared to PS/2, where the frequency drops with shorter movements.
Only one advice concerning the mouse, don`t use optical mice for first person shooters, especially if you have a low sensitivity.

In the weapons menu you should disable the automatic weapon switch, so that you have full control over weapon switches and don´t accidently switch to a weapon you don´t want.

Here you can get my user.ini as an example or take a look at my keys here:

"lots of keys in reach"

"good old logitech 3 button mouse on the godlike func-pad"
Left Mouse:move forward
Right Mouse:move back
Z:strafe left
I:strafe right
Space:primary fire
Alt:secondary fire
Comma:instant rocket fire and/or switch to Rocket Launcher
5:Impact Hammer
7:Pulse Gun
9:Shock Rifle
0:Sniper Rifle
O:Bio Rifle
Middle Mouse:scoreboard
F:throw weapon
D:Feign Death

Just some comments about my personal setup. I am using a "zuij"-setup, because these keys are in the middle of the keyboard, so I can reach a lot more keys (23) than with any other setup. This isn´t that important in duels, but it is very useful in teamplay for teammessages.
I am shooting with space/alt and moving forward/backwards with the mouse. I don`t shoot with the mouse like the majority of the FPS players, because when pressing a mousebutton you move your mouse a bit, no matter if you want or not and therefore your aiming gets inaccurate when shooting with the mouse. The only negative point about this is that I can´t do the rocket pack special with the rocket launcher, because I only have one finger (the thumb) for primary and secondary attack mode and you have to press both at once to shoot the rockets tightly packed.

I suggest to use as few aliases as possible, because UT lags most of the time, when executing more than 1 command/alias at a time, which already cost me lots of nerves. That`s why I only use 1 small alias with more than 1 command, a quick switch to instant rockets, combined with an attack command when pressing the button and a switch back to multirockets, when releasing it:
"setinstantrocket 1 | fire | Button bFire | onrelease setinstantrocket 0"

Another alias I use makes the scoreboard pop up when pressing the score button and hide again when releasing it. I`m used to that from QW and opposed to the Q2-style scoreboard in UT it`s imho faster. You just shouldn`t press the score button while you are dead, or the scoreboard won`t hide anymore:
ShowScores | onrelease showscores

Something else I changed is, that I lowered the dodgeclicktime in the user.ini a bit to 0.185, so that I don´t dodge accidently anymore.

Here are some other aliases you may find useful:
weapon grouping:
With this alias you can select the best weapon you have of a list of weapons. The alias "switchweapon 8 | switchweapon 4 | switchweapon 9" would for example select the Rocket Launcher (weapon 9) and if you don`t have the RL or if you are out of rockets it would select the ASMD (weapon 4), if you don`t have that it would select the flak (weapon 8). Most useful is this alias with weapons that are very similar, like pulse gun and minigun: "switchweapon 5 | switchweapon 7" or like enforcer and sniper rifle: "switchweapon 2 | switchweapon 10".
If you only use 2 weapons in the alias you can even switch between the 2 by pressing the button several times. This helps to save some important buttons.

This alias makes feigndeath look a bit more real. You drop your weapon when feigning death, just like you would drop your weapon when dying. I still don`t recommend to use this more than once every 1000 years (-;
"throwweapon | feigndeath"

With this alias you can jump normally although you have jumpboots, so you can save them for jumps where you really need them. It`s like walking and jumping, only that you don`t have to walk manually. You should be aware though, that you jump not as high as normally using this alias.
"button brun | jump"
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