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UT BIBLE by ocr*flocutus   UT BIBLE by ocr*flocutus
Weapons - Enforcer
[-bmb-tekbaron-], 02.04.2010 21:57
Damagehit:max. 25h.
Inaccuracy:0.5 degreeprimary
Rate:1.1 degree, increrasing up to 9.6 degreessecondary

The impact hammer and the enforcer are the only weapons you will have right after spawning. With this weapon spawners are no easy target at all. Not only that it is very accurate and instant hit, but it´s firing rate is only matched by the minigun. Especially in secondary mode (less accurate, but higher firing rate) this is a very strong weapon, killing someone with 100 health in only 1 second if every bullet hits. Although you shouldn´t underestimate the enforcer you should still go for a different weapon after respawning, because most other weapons are even stronger and you are very vulnerable when shooting with the enforcer, because you have to be in line of sight with your opponent.

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