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Neue Channelmodes
[-bmb-PHåÑ']['ØM-] - 13.04.2002 21:50
Ircd (the ircserver software)
The ircd has been improved to let Q and L communicate with each other. A new user mode has been implemented, +r, which allows authentication of an account to survive a service restart or a netsplit. This means that a user can only authenticate once though. Another modification done to the ircd is the implementation of the channel modes +c and +C. +C denies channel CTCP\'s (pinging a channel for example) and +c denies the usage of colours in a channel (the mIRC extensions only, e.g.. bold and reverse video is still allowed, mainly due to programmatic reasons. It would have been nice to terminate those annoyances too). These have been implemented due to another problem on the network - spam and advertisements. These changes are accompanied by another tool for spam fighting:

Also jörg gib allen Members mal +r Flag . Das mit dem +c und +C ist eine nette Sache *gg*
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