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Neue Version von Gamevoice
[-bmb-tekbaron-] - 16.07.2001 14:12
Das allseits bekannte Kommunikationsprogramm Gamevoice von Microsoft wurde um eine neue Version bereichert(1.5) und steht ab sofort zum Download bereit.

Game Voice 1.5 Features
With the release of Game Voice 1.5, we have unleashed a host of new features to dramatically enhance your online gaming experience. Game Voice has been enhanced to include:

Join Server chat sessions: Integration with Game Voice Server provides improved network connectivity, and allows you to meet new gamers online.
Use Keyboard Push-To-Talk: Choose when you want to broadcast your voice into a chat.
Start or Join Games: Game with the players in your chat sessions.
Program timed macros: Map multiple game actions to a single voice command.
Customize voice command parameters: Modify parameters to improve your voice command recognition.

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